Comedian, Juggler, Living – Sam Malcolm is all of these things at the same time. Sam is sure to delight and dazzle with his world class juggling skills honed during his time in the circus and his hilarious, rapid fire comedy.  Sam’s show is a seamless combination of the absurd, impossible, and the daring with in-the-moment wit and captivating and original jokes. He always goes above and beyond to entertain, and will have you wanting to see him again and again! Currently living in Denver, Colorado, Sam is originally from the small town of Fallon, Nevada. He spends most of his time travelling near and far to bring laughter to audiences all across the planet. As a juggler he is very accomplished, winning several awards for his abilities at the International Jugglers’ Association as well as many regional competitions. He was featured on CNN’s Great Big Story in the summer of 2016; the video can be seen here. Sam spends his spare time working on his Corvette and teaching comedy writing to aspiring comics and vaudevillians. To learn more about him, check out his personal website – www.sammalcolm.com